• Close the gaps between your teeth
  • Quality dental bands, correct size & strength
  • Best solution for beautiful and healthy teeth

Correct Strength & Size

Our bands are the perfect size & strength to close your teeth gaps safely, other sellers will sell bands that are the wrong size and you will not see any benefits.

Teeth Whitening

Once you have succesfully close your front teeth gap, why not order some of our approved teeth whitening products and complete your perfect smile.

Non-latex bands

Our bands are made of a non-latex material, they are completely safe for oral use, some sellers will sell cheap latex bands with a weak pull strength.

No pain or needles

By using teeth gap bands you will not need any painful needs or oral surgery for close your gaps.

Order your teeth gap bands now. Delivery is free!

All orders are delivered free by 1st class post, order before 1PM for same day dispatch!

Case Studies

Close all gaps between teeth

You can use teeth gap bands to close multiple gaps at one time, much like a brace but from only £5 you can see major movement.

Perfect your smile

Once you have closed the gaps between your teeth, add some whiteness and be happier than ever before.

After sales support

Any questions? You can email us anytime for answer, most of our emails are answered within the hour during work hours (9am-6pm)